#IOeG2016 | Keynote Speech by Luciana Duranti: The Right to Be Remembered and the Duty to Memorialize: the Role of Archives in an Increasingly Networked Society (November 10, 2016)

plakat_jahrestagung2016_detail-fuer-bioegThe public keynote speech for the Annual Conference 2016 of the Institute of Austrian Historical Research will be given on the evening of November 10, 2016, by Luciana Duranti, Professor of Archival Theory and Diplomatics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and President-Elect of the Association of Canadian Archivists. Professor Duranti will be speaking on

„The Right to Be Remembered and the Duty to Memorialize: the Role of Archives in an Increasingly Networked Society“

Her presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with Thomas Just (Deputy Director-General of the Austrian State Archives), Alfred J. Noll (lawyer specializing in media, copyright and restitutions law), and Heidemarie Uhl (historian at the Institute for Culture Studies and Theatre History of the Austrian Academy of Sciences).

The abstract of Professor Duranti’s presentation is as follows:

Digital materials created, used or preserved on the Internet are fragile: they are easily corrupted, manipulated, tampered with, lost, obsolete, and destroyed. They are also of an unprecedented abundance: ubiquitous, pervasive, redundant, easily accessible from anywhere, hackable, difficult to delete, and all revealing. They allow for increasing transparency and accountability, but also for failure to document actions and decisions, or to preserve what is documented. They allow for better intelligence, espionage, and control, and also better justice, science, memory, and understanding. Is it possible to mediate among these conflicting attributes and concerns? If so, what is the role of archives in such a difficult balancing act?

This presentation will discuss the responsibilities archival institutions have to take on in this increasingly networked society as mediators of public debate, culture, accountability, evidence and memory, as well as the opportunities such environment can offer them as promoters of the duty to document, supporters of freedom of information, privacy, and data protection, nurturers of diversity, pluralism and cohesion, and as a force empowering the disenfranchised,  thereby fostering their own resurgence as the centre of civic life.

The event will take place in the Old Town Hall (Wipplingerstraße 8, 1010 Vienna), starting at 19:30. The moderators will be Thomas Winkelbauer and Thomas Stockinger.

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